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A Foolish spin on an American Classic

The stock characters of Grover's Corners rise to acrobatic new heights in this endearing and enduring tale.

Our Town

"Faction of Fools’ Our Town is a beautiful and poignant fresh take on this classic."

-Jessica Vaughn, DC Metro Theatre Arts


"The ageless story is so basic, the premise of simple, small town life might sound banal today. And then its power sneaks up on you, bam!...Faction of Fools grabbed hold of Wilder’s story, enhanced it with their brand of comedy and fun, and led us gently to confronting the inevitability of death. It is a powerful rendition that simply works."

-Debbie Jackson, DC Theatre Scene


"...Faction of Fool’s production of Our Town shifts from being merely entertaining to profoundly engaging, from being a theatrical curiosity to becoming multidimensional art, from demonstrating brilliant stagecraft to being sheer genius....Faction of Fools’ version of Wilder’s Our Town is not just transcendent theater; it is an epiphany."

-Eric Minton,


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