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Helen Hayes Award Nominations

Outstanding Set Design 

Deb Sivigny & Patti Kalil

Outstanding  Direction

Randy Baker


Supporting Actress

Julie Garner

"Aunt Rosey gets a fantastic Upper Midwestern treatment by Julie Garner, who meticulously tracks the aging of the other characters as she mellows and her fashion changes. No surprise for a Deb Sivigny show since she usually works as a costume designer. Audience members can sample Aunt Rosey’s hotdish (tater tot casserole for the uninitiated). Its processed cheese smell permeates the room and makes the scary unfamiliarity of June’s introduction to her new home even more poignant.... 

...That’s exactly what the best immersive theater, and the best theater in general, does: move the audience with power and purpose. In this constructed home of memory and experience, Deb Sivigny has done exactly that. The experience of Hello, My Name Is… is precious by its rarity and irreplaceability. It is theater that can’t be told any other way. That’s nearly impossible to find anywhere, especially this well-executed, and that makes Hello, My Name Is… the best thing I’ve seen all year.


-Alan Katz, DC Theatre Scene

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