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The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (2008)

"A superb ensemble: thrillingly written, urgently performed, crassly funny, somehow heartbreaking play last week, and damn if you didnt actually make a critic cry...[g]o for Julie Garner's all-but-broken defense attorney..."

- Washington City Paper, Trey Graham. April 23, 2008

"...the crusading role played by Julie Garner's no-nonsense defense attorney keeps a very human face on what is often a dazzlingly campy theological rant about God's mercy and man's free will. The performance is a series of high-wire acts, with nearly everyone mastering vast tracts of language while keeping a steady balance between the sacred and the profane....The ensemble is nearly flawless, treating this flamboyant but purposeful show like an answered prayer."

-Washington Post, Nelson Pressley. April 16, 2008

"...Garner, an actor we should see more often, who shows us the vulnerability wrenched out of her character’s steely shell..."

-DC Theatre Scene, Tim Treanor. Dec 17, 2008

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