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"Forum Theatre’s production, first staged in 2008 and now remounted with much of its original cast, spills over with at least a half-dozen world-beating performances...Fabiana Aziza Cunningham (Julie Garner, who’d be commanding enough without the five-inch heels, so: respect), returns with a writ signed by God himself...."

-Washington City Paper, Chris Klimek. May 30, 2014

"At three hours, “Judas Iscariot” is long, but never dull. The script is all over the place moving from corny exchanges to raw humor to darker places. Fortunately the superb and diverse cast of local actors is more than up for it."

-Washington Blade, Patrick Folliard. May 28, 2014

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

"As Judas’ counsel Fabiana Aziza Cunningham, Julie Garner wows with her slow burn performance as a defense lawyer with a checkered past and a chip on her shoulder the size of Manhattan. She holds her own in a battle of wits with El-Fayoumy, giving as good as she gets, until a fateful encounter with Lucifer on the witness unleashes an arresting torrent of bottled emotion. And the man that brings Cunningham to tears is none other than the scene-stealing Jim Jorgensen, who imbues the Prince of Darkness with equal parts effortless cool, childlike glee, and viper-tongued malice."

-DC Theatre Scene, Ben Demers. May 28, 2014

"..Fabiana Aziza Cunningham, an aggressive figure in a black dress and strappy heels. Cunningham, played with salty assurance by Julie Garner, demands that Judas’s appeal be heard by this purgatorial kangaroo court."

-Washington Post, Nelson Pressley. May 27, 2014

"As fiercely funny as it is tragic, the intensity and intention of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot is ferocious.Thankfully, Vreeke’s fine-tuned direction filled the inconsistencies of the script with skilled continuity, active staging, and heightened, entertaining performances by an eclectic, fifteen member ensemble making the journey rewarding."

-DC Metro Theatre Arts, Sydney-Chanele Dawkins. May 28, 2014

"The Last Days of Judas Iscariot crackles with electricity when the attorneys become engaged in a theological waltz with the witnesses. These exchanges, particularly the Act II scene between Cunningham (Julie Garner) and Caiaphas (Brian Hemmingsen), are exquisite in their ability to make us rethink and question the events and motives surrounding the death of Christ."

-Broadway World, Benjamin Tomchik. May 28, 2014

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