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"(A)n impressive team of actors... Of special mention, actor Julie Garner, who plays the servant, a role similar to Shakespeare’s nurse in Romeo & Juliet, offers upbeat comic relief moments with her chatter."

-DC Theatre Scene, Rosalind Lacy. February 26, 2012

"Garner brings a nice sense of comedy and enthusiasm to her role – a desirable thing in such a ‘heavy’ play."

-MD Theatre Guide, Jennifer Perry. February 5, 2012

"As the Servant, Julie Garner has a lovely naturalism and provides the production’s best lighthearted moments..."

-WeLoveDC, Jenn Larsen. February 14, 2012

"As they so often do, Constellation Theatre makes excellent use of their small space. Music interludes allow them to change scenes and revolving doors turn to indicate new spaces and they cleverly invoke a forest without using a single tree. Plus the actors--especially Deidra LaWan Starnes, Mia Branco and Julie Garner (making their Constellation Theatre debuts as Mother, Girl and Servant)--keep you hooked."

-Examiner, Jada Bradley. February 7, 2012

Blood Wedding

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