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"a story of incandescent organically superb production. I recommend you come see yourself, distilled in this magical way, you hard-loving, hard-drinking, sorrowful, joyful, passionate, playful, rageful, checker-playing, watermelon-eating, hard-dreaming, wealth-loving, down-and-out, baseball-bashing, ashcan-smashing, art-loving American, you."

-DC Theatre Scene, Tim Treanor. June 6, 2011

bobrauschenbergamerica (2011)

"Generosity and surprise abound, but director Derek Goldman has tapped deep wells of melancholy and insight, too. Plus square dancing, a riotous feat of agitated cake-eating by Julie Garner...far from feeling indulgent or undisciplined, the play maintains a dancers grace and ease for the whole of its 105 intermissionless minutes"

-Washington City Paper, Chris Klimek. June 10, 2011

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