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"Constellation Theatre Company's mission is to spark curiosity. It seeks to unite visual spectacle, music and movement with an exuberant acting ensemble to create an exhilarating entertainment experience - and with Absolutely! {perhaps} it deftly achieves its goals."

Broadway World, Pamela Johnson. October 20, 2014

Leave it to Constellation Theatre to bring Washington this rarely performed gem of inscrutability. The young company and its artistic director, Allison Arkell Stockman, have made a name for themselves performing plays with high concept and challenging make-believes; such stretches are never easy, or a sure thing, even for the veteran pretenders out there.

With Absolutely! (Perhaps) Constellation and Ms. Stockman have most definitely reached their stride, however, and its ensemble of talent will take you on one hell of a magical mystery tour. You will leave the theatre delightfully certain that there is nothing certain about anything, be it delightful or horrific, and that play you’ve just laughed through is the most uncertain thing of all.

-DC Theatre Scene, Robert Michael Oliver. October 15, 2014

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