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Capital Fringe "Fool for All"

"If you are not familiar with the physical comedy associated with Commedia dell’Arte, you are in for a special treat. The Faction of Fools’ company, a mixture of hearing and deaf actors, and sign interpreters, are an ensemble of skillful and artful performers. The two strongest vignettes...were ‘Chicken Dinner’ and the sexy ‘Coq au Vin’.‘Chicken Dinner’ featured actors Julie Garner, Cheryl Ann Gnerlich, Barbara Papendorp, and Denise Perrino. Their ensemble work, antics, and timing were a delight to behold."

-MD Theatre Guide, Robert Goldberg. July 11, 2011

"You can tell a place has made it as a theater town when it has an entire company devoted to an extremely specific type of physical theater. D.C.’s commedia dell’arte company, Faction of Fools, takes its responsibilities as ambassadors of Italian clowning very seriously and has taken the art form to new and exciting places...“Tales of Marriage and Mozzarella,” hits all the right notes."

-Washington Post, Fiona Zublin. July 24, 2012

"Reasons To See This Show: Damn…where to start? …so many hilarious performances were conceived and delivered with perfect timing...Go see this show. You will laugh til you pee (and Studio Theater’s janitorial staff is none too pleased about it)."

-DC Metro Theatre Arts, Cyle Durkee. July 17, 2012

"Quel mondo hilarious!! ...Each and every actor is sublime in movement, characterization and delivery. The company has cleverly created seven scenes, only four of which are presented so that the show must be seen several times to catch all of the scenes. I’m hooked and I’m going back for more. I suggest everyone do the same."

-ShowBiz Radio, Genie Baskir. July 15, 2012

"It’s a feel-good show designed for people who appreciate silliness and folly....The evening’s charm comes from the corniness of the humor and the ingenuity of the story-telling. "

-DC Theatre Scene, Kate Mattingly. July 8, 2011

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